Sunday, May 12, 2013

How to defeat the standby circuit in the Seleco BS700 tv chassis

Some time ago my 14" Seleco TV started to exhibit a problem:
exactly 5 minutes (and when I say exactly 5 minutes, I mean exactly 300 seconds) after startup, it turn back to standby (here is a post about that here).

I 've found this problems is related to the processor's NVRAM (C.I.1 - NVM3060) that lost its content.
I managed to reprogam it (using the ponyprog programmer I have written a post about), but the solution wasn't definitive. After a while the NVM3060 lost its content again and the problem raised as before...

So, to get around the problem,  I decided to try to defeat the standby circuitry. I've requested help on some repair forum with no success, so I dived a little in the bs700 diagram. I was not able to fully understand how that circuit works, however I was able to realize that grounding Pin 16 of the TV processor should have done the job. And it does! This is what T1 and T2 manage to do depending on the various ORed conditions required to exit the standby mode (press P+ OR press P- OR command from the remote OR ...) . T1 in particular keeps pin 16 down to ground through R14 while the TV set is running.
A side effect of this approach is that every 300 seconds the screen flashes black for less than a second. This is due to the processor still trying to turn the tv in standby as the default sleep time times out; it's a command internally executed by the processor I cannot do anything about.

So the modification more than trivial as ground jumper is very close to R14. Just have a look at the following pics to see how I've made the connection.

Good luck with your bs700!


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