Monday, January 30, 2012

Seleco BS700.4 turns in standby after 5 minutes

My Seleco 14SE112 (BS700.4 chassis) started suffering a weird problem: it turned back in standby mode after exactly 300 seconds (5 min) since startup.
Observing the screen picture carefully I also noticed that colors were too shining, like the color setting was set to MAX.
While tuning brightness and contrast from the OSD menu worked fine,  color setting had no effect.
To make a long story short it was the processor EEPROM that lost its content.
It is an NVM3060 chip, a not so common EEPROM type.

Googling around I found the PonyProg project from Claudio Lanconelli (, an EEPROM programmer software. One of the suggested hardware interfaces, the SIProg interface, is able to manage this kind of memories. It is a funny interface built of  a "mother" board and many "daughter" boards, one for each memory and PICs families the programmer is able to deal with.
So I spent some night in building the motherboard and the NVM daughter board (I've slightly modded the motherboard to keep it as simple as needed - see my other post about ponyprog/SIprog implementation/modding).

I have been also able to find a ROM image for the bs700.4 on the Internet..
Loading the EEPROM with the new image fixed the problem.

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