Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Philips CD-670 CD player: a CDM2 pickup surgery

This old CD player came to me from a flee market for 15 EU. Not so much for a CDM2/10 transport and a TDA1541 (non-A) DAC.
It is in good shape but it randomly failed to read CDs.

After a lot of testing on the transport controller and power suppliers electronics, laser power adjustment, etc. attention was driven toward the CDM2 transport itself. You know, it is a beautiful galvanometric transport (the arm swings like needles in galvanometers..) ..but it is prone to failures.

I cleaned the lens and double checked the foiled PCB. Nothing.

Playing with the transport (remove-check-reinstall-test cycles) I got random results. I was not able to reproduce a predictable sequence of behaviours... BUT.... I eventually observed that the lens movement was not always free to move along its full range. Sometimes it got stuck requiring manual intervention to unlock it. So I suspected some dirt inside the pickup it self and I was very nervous about how to proceed.
I eventually decided for a pickup surgery. Opening it up I discovered the internal lens, supposed to be joint with the frame, was instead floating around, having the glue keeping it in place dried up and cracked. After sticking it again on the frame the player worked perfectly.

And now some picture..

Please reward my effort. Thank you!

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  1. Cpt.Beyond. ( 19, 2012 at 11:59 PM

    Thanks for the info and photos! Now I know how these CDM-2 lasers come apart. But I see there is what looks like a small patch of electrical tape holding the laser together in the front, as well as the one screw in the back.

  2. Yes, I can confirm that a PCB tape is there to electrically connect the laser diode and the moving coil for the lens.
    Thank you for visiting

  3. There is additional piece of adhesive vinyl opposite the screwed together end, in front of the round section. Looks factory to me!